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Types Of DenS

Lions.  Boys & Girls in Kindergarten  

Tigers.  Boys & Girls in 1st Grade 

Wolves.  Boys & Girls in 2nd Grade  

Bears.  Boys & Girls in 3rd Grade 

Webelos.  Boys & Girls in 4th Grade 

Senior Webelos.  Boys & Girls in 5th Grade 

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Cub Scouts - Deerfield IL  -  Deerfield Pack 450
Cub Scouts - Deerfield IL - Deerfield Pack 450

Uniforms & handbooks


What To Buy

Wearing a cub scout uniform is an integral part of belonging to the cub scout organization.   It creates a sense of pride, ownership and identification.  

1.  Each cub scout should have a cub scout uniform to wear to all meetings, events and outings.   

2.  Each scout should also have their own book to track their activities, learning and goal attainment.   

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